Dave Harnetty is a Musician and Songwriter/Composer.

Born in the Highlands of Scotland.

His music is a mix of World, New age,Ambient, Acoustic and Rock.

A musical Journey began while writing songs and creating melody from Vocal Chant
until teaching himself Guitar in his early years.

A Journey continued,playing guitar and touring in many Original bands.

2006 saw the release of the Solo album,Return to fu,
a mix songs and instrumentals.

Return to Fu






                                                                Followed by  the Instrumental Albums

Shelta Thari and Selenite(Special Edition)



Exploring New Age,World and Ambient music.









Through 2013 to 2016.

The chilled themed acoustic album Tupelo and an upbeat lyrical Rock/indi collection of songs on Miltonia were released.


2018 will see 2 new instrumental albums…Green launquage of Birds and Ley.

As a Musician,he plays Guitars,(acoustic and electric)
Keyboards,Synths,Harmonica,Various Percussion,Vocals.
and produces music.


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